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A quick wrap-up of our Shingwedzi Expedition (15-24 June 2019)

After nine-and-a-half wonderful days at Shingwedzi in the Kruger National Park we’re back home in Pretoria for a day or two, before heading off on the next leg of our winter holidays. We’ll soon be sharing lots of wonderful wildlife encounters from our days in Shingwedzi with you, but herewith so long a gallery of highlights – These photos were all taken by Joubert!


Expedition Shingwedzi – Update 23 June 2019

We’ve watched the sun set for the ninth and final time over the Shingwedzi River on this visit to the Kruger National Park. Of course there’s many, many photos from this wonderful place that we’ll be sharing with you in weeks to come!

In case you were wondering how Joubert’s photo turned out:

Tomorrow we’ll be heading home via Phalaborwa Gate for a quick two-day “lay-over” in Pretoria before heading to our next winter holiday destination.

Expedition Shingwedzi – Update 22 June 2019

Grey, Red-billed and Yellow-billed Hornbills visit us at our campsite here in Shingwedzi in the Kruger National Park around lunchtime every day, amusing us with their bold yet unsuccessful attempts to pilfer food from our plates…

Expedition Shingwedzi – Update 21 June 2019

I had trouble deciding whether to show you the beautiful lions we saw today near Babalala Picnic Spot, or the beautiful leopard we saw within a stone’s throw from Punda Maria Rest Camp. So, I will show you both!






Expedition Shingwedzi – Update 19 June 2019

Elephants gathering in their numbers along the dwindling waterholes of the drying Mphongolo River

(You can click on the image for an enlarged view)



Expedition Shingwedzi – Update 18 June 2019

The last photo taken today – sunset over the dry bed of the Shingwedzi River.

(You can click on the photo for a bigger view)