Bird-watching in Kruger (May and June 2019)

With over 500 species recorded, the Kruger National Park deserves its reputation as one of South Africa’s finest bird-watching destinations through and through. We’ve already shown you the cute little Spurfowl chicks that strutted all over the Park during our visits in May and June this year, but there was so much more feathered variety to point our lenses at that it surely deserves a dedicated post!

This first gallery of images were taken in the south of the Park on my solo trip to Pretoriuskop and Skukuza – all in all I ticked 110 species in the 4 days I spent south of the Sabie River.

Two weeks later, this time with Marilize and Joubert alongside, we headed to the north of the Kruger Park, basing ourselves at our favourite Shingwedzi for 9 nights, during which time we recorded 99 species of birds.



50 thoughts on “Bird-watching in Kruger (May and June 2019)

    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks again, Carol!
      I live in the hope that that desire for finding one of the “hairy and scary” creatures will open visitors’ eyes to the other treasures too, so that in time they’ll appreciate the whole spectrum a little more with every return visit.

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  2. Reflections of an Untidy Mind

    What a bird paradise. Such diversity. Fantastic photos, Dries. How you managed to pick just one photo to show off the collection is beyond me. 🙂

    The grey go-away bird – the name had me smiling. I also particularly loved the saddle-billed stork and the martial eagle.

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