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Our experiences in the Kruger National Park, South Africa

Heron who catch dragonfly with bill accomplish anything…

This sighting of a Green-backed Heron catching dragonflies in a small stream near Satara in the Kruger National Park reminded me of the “Karate Kid” scene where Mr. Miyagi tries catching flies with his chopsticks…

My Mom is stronger than you!

While out driving one rainy afternoon near Satara in the Kruger National Park, we came upon a lonely and obviously terrified lion cub, running in the road and trying to hide in roadside bushes, all the while calling for his pride. We were still feeling sorry for the little one when suddenly his demeanor changed totally – he picked himself up and confidently started running past our car. It is then that we noticed his mother standing, and looking quite intimidating, behind the assembled vehicles, ready to attack anyone or anything that threatens her little one. When he reached her they both gave the human spectators a parting glance, joined the rest of the pride and confidently walked off into the bush. The encounter made a wonderful impression on all of us.

Spying on the neighbours at Satara

We have a very basic trail camera that we set up for a few days along a quiet portion of the fenceline at Satara Rest Camp in the Kruger National Park, while we were visiting there over Christmas and New Year. It was quite fun flicking through the photos every day and seeing the variety of wildlife that come so close to camp, especially at night!

Still dreaming about our Satara Summer

It’s really hard to believe that we’ve been home from the Kruger National Park for a week already. We’re still trying to adjust back to city life, would you believe!? Were still pining for Satara, our tent, our camping beds and almost daily braais (traditional South African barbeques)… So we’re going over our notes and imagining the 46 kinds of mammals, 195 kinds of birds, and myriad of insects, butterflies, scorpions, spiders, amphibians and reptiles we crossed paths with while camping at Satara for a month.

While we were on holiday many of you enquired after Joubert’s pictures of the trip, so here for your enjoyment and to ease our blues is a selection of his best photographs!

Satara Summer – Day 31 (2020/01/04)

Sadly, our month in the Kruger Park has come to an end and we are back home in Pretoria this evening. After breaking up camp and packing up, we had only a two-hour drive to the Orpen Gate left of our Satara Summer. Still, Kruger had one very unusual sighting up her sleeve for us – a spotted hyena walking straight past a cheetah as if it wasn’t even there, less than a kilometer from the Park’s gate!

Glory to God for blessing us with an amazing Christmas holiday and for keeping us safe on our travels.

We’re taking it easy this evening but will soon get to all the unanswered but deeply appreciated comments!


Satara Summer – Day 30 (2020/01/03)

We didn’t think it was even possible, but the Kruger Park definitely left the best for last – our first encounter ever with a truly wild White Lion, of which there are only a handful alive – 3 of them being in Kruger.

Satara Summer – Day 29 (2020/01/02)

We know it must sound like a terrible cliche by now, but “Wow! What an amazing day we had AGAIN!” The Kruger National Park just keeps delivering the most amazing and thrilling encounters for us! Our route today took us north, to Olifants, Letaba and a little beyond.