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Celebrating South Africa’s wild places on Earth Day

The theme for this year’s Earth Day is an end to plastic pollution.

It is almost unthinkable that humans would wantonly destroy our planet through the careless manufacturing and discarding of plastic waste, and yet we are pumping tons and tons of plastic into our ecosystems on a daily basis, endangering not only the wildlife that depend on these habitats but also our own continued existence.

Celebrating South Africa’s beautiful wild places seems like a good way to spend Earth Day 2018, but isn’t it sickening to imagine landscapes like these buried under heaps of trash?



The results of the 2017 South African Blog Awards have been announced!

And we are thrilled to have been voted the Winners in both the Best Environmental Blog and Best Travel Blog categories!

Thank you so very much to everyone that voted for us in this competition. Without your support and encouragement this would not have been possible. We hope to continue sharing our love for South Africa’s wild places (and the creatures that find a safe haven there) with you for a very long time to come!

Our sincere congratulations to all the winners and runners-up in every category, and our thanks as well to the organizers and judges of the 2017 SA Blog Awards.

SA Blog Awards 2017

If you enjoy de Wets Wild as much as we enjoy sharing our love for South Africa’s wild places and their denizens with you, please vote for us in the 2017 South African Blog Awards.

We’ve entered the categories for “Best Travel Blog” and “Best Environmental Blog”, and you are allowed to vote for us in both. Clicking on the badge below will bring you to the voting site. After voting, you’ll receive an e-mail requiring you to click on a link to confirm your votes.

Thank you very much for your support!

SA Blog Awards Badge

World Rhino Day

Today is World Rhino Day.

The statistics on the number of rhinos being killed in South Africa for their horn continues to make for heart-wrenching reading. We continue to loose hundreds of black and white rhinos annually to supply an illegal black market demand from Asian countries.

But the war continues. The brave rangers working daily to protect our natural heritage have not yet given up hope, and neither should we. We’ll continue to do our part to spread the word that rhino horn has no medicinal properties, and by rights should really not be worth any more than fingernails!

Let us celebrate these prehistoric-looking beasts for the magnificent beings that they are, deserving of a place on this planet for eternity.


de Wets Wild turns five!

We’re fresh back from a wonderful breakaway in the Kruger National Park, and of course have lots to share with you from our latest trip to the bush, so stay tuned!

Today also marks the fifth birthday of de Wets Wild – Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged us along the way!

Sunset at Satara



2016 South African Blog Awards Winners Announced!

The winners of the 2016 South African Blog Awards have been announced, and we are very excited that, for the third year running, de Wets Wild has featured in the Top 3 of both categories we entered: Best Environmental Blog and Best Travel Blog.

Thank you very much to everyone who voted for us. Without your support and encouragement we would not even have been mentioned in the list of deserving winners. We hope you’ll continue to visit South Africa’s wonderful wild places and marvel at our magnificent wildlife along with us for many more years to come.

In closing, we’d want to offer our sincere congratulations to all the winners in every category, and our thanks as well to the organizers and judges of the 2016 SA Blog Awards.


Anniversary in the bush

The sun has set on our tenth wedding anniversary, and of course we’re going to spend such an auspicious day in one of South Africa’s wild places. We’re exploring the new Dinokeng Game Reserve for the weekend, and we will tell you all about it in upcoming editions of de Wets Wild!