Autumn Adventure: Flirtatious Lion

I can’t be sure of course, but I think this young lion we saw in March while visiting the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park was only this charming because he wanted us to hang around for breakfast…

26 thoughts on “Autumn Adventure: Flirtatious Lion

  1. naturebackin

    He is a handsome fellow and life can be tough for young male lions after they disperse from their pride. It is a thrill when lions make eye contact like that – very special and special photos too.

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      As you say, Carol – crossing paths with a wild lion is always special. I’m not certain that this youngster has become independent yet – the pride females were lying on the banks of the White Umfolozi River not a kilometer from him, and they were regularly roaring to-and-fro.

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  2. Tranature - quiet moments in nature

    Wonderful images Dries and such a beautiful young lion! He looks as if he is trying to connect with you soul to soul 🦁

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