Creepy Crawlies

When out and about in the Kruger National Park, even in winter, there’s always a chance of spying some cold-blooded creatures, many of them extremely dangerous to humans!


33 thoughts on “Creepy Crawlies

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    Die pofadder is maar n aaklige slang as mens so kan sê. Ek het op kleinhoewe buit Pta grootgeword en ons het gereeld pofadders daar gekry. Hul het huistoe gekom om weg te kruip-selfs in die huis gekom. Daar was ook rinkhalse. My gedagtes het darem nou ver teruggegaan met die creepy crawlies.

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Baie dankie Dina!

      Ek dink nogtans sou ek meer tekere gaan as die kriek op my klim as die adder…

      Dit was maar die 4de wilde luislang wat ons al ooit gesien het, so ons was baie in ons noppies!

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  3. Ladybuggz

    Ever see those cartoons of people running in the air?? That’s what my hubby does when he see’s a Gardner snake!! they are totally harmless and only grow to about 1 ft! He was at a ball game once watching a game and someone crept up behind him and dangled a poor little Gardner snake in his face….Well I won’t say what happened next but the guy really regretted it!! He says it’s his Irish heritage that makes him terrified of them! (the soil is too acidic for snakes there!) Good excuse….Not!! But I guess we all have our phobia’s! mine’s spiders and moth’s!!
    Great creepy photo’s!!

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        1. de Wets Wild Post author

          When attacked they squirt a bloody substance that may well be toxic, and at the very least tastes bad enough that nothing except other armoured crickets seem to eat them. They’ll also protect themselves with a painful bite!

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