Herbivore Haven

The Kruger National Park protects an amazing variety of wildlife. Our recent winter visit to the Satara and Mopani areas of the Park allowed us to tick 35 different species of mammals, in addition to the many kinds of reptiles and birds we’ve already shown you. We told you about the hardships the drought is causing for the hippos and we’ve bragged about the buffaloes, predators, huge zebra herds and rare antelope we encountered. Here’s a chance now to look at some of the other herbivorous species that find sanctuary here in South Africa’s flagship Park.



23 thoughts on “Herbivore Haven

  1. mjculverphotography

    Hey guys, how is every one. Hope all is well. I”m back in the darkroom. We’re doing OK. It’s hard to get out for photography right now with temperatures above 95 degrees and humidity above 80% every day. Our motorcycle rides are very early morning rides. Have a good weekend. Marks and Joey

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      So nice to hear from you again Marks and Joey, and that you are well! We’re doing fine, as you can see; as long as we can still get out into the bush every so often there’s nothing to complain about!


  2. MJF Images

    I know if I returned it wouldn’t take me long to remember, but boy oh boy does it seem hard to keep all those antelope species straight and be able to ID them. I get the small ones all confused. Thanks Dries!

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      A very small percentage of Kruger’s elephant cows are tuskless due to their genetic heritage, Lois. Interestingly this old matriarch also had a tuskless daughter in the same herd. In Addo Elephant National Park there’s a much bigger prevalence of tuskless females, as the cows that did carry tusks were mostly shot out in the centuries before the Park was proclaimed, and so those genes were removed from the population.

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