Kruger National Park, April 2013

We recently had another (long awaited) breakaway to the paradise that is the Kruger National Park, spending one night in historic Pretoriuskop Rest Camp followed by four nights in Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp. Both these camps are located in the very popular south of the Park and we’ll bring you more detail on each in future installments of de Wets Wild.

Thanks to two consecutive years of exceptionally high rainfall the Park is lush and green with surface water abounding in all the watercourses and seasonal pans. Of course this made searching for game a little harder but we still had numerous excellent sightings of the spectacular wild animals and birds for which the Kruger National Park is known the world over. The weather also played along beautifully and for six days we could forget that winter is hiding just around the corner here in South Africa.

Click on any of the images below to view them all in a carousel gallery, and have a look at the links provided at the end for some additional photos taken during our most recent trip to heaven.

Birds of a feather







12 thoughts on “Kruger National Park, April 2013

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  2. mjculverphotography

    Amazing post as always. There’s nothing like the rains down in Africa. No place in the world has the same soul touching scent as Africa after the rain. You got some great shots here Dries. You know how much I look forward to your posts. Have a wonderful weekend De Wet family. It’s Mothers day here tomorrow so a special happy Mothers day to Marilize. 😉




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