Kruger Park 28/04/2013

Thick mist blanketing the Crocodile Bridge section of the Kruger National Park this morning



9 thoughts on “Kruger Park 28/04/2013

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thank you cvheerden! We’re enjoying every minute out here in this beautiful part of creation – so sad that places like this is the exception rather than the rule.


  2. mjculverphotography

    Lovely shot Dries. Well done. We’re just back from a 6 mile scouting expedition in the Florida wild woods. Must’ve time it just right because the animals were all out feeding. We saw so many wild hog that we lost count. Wish we could’ve gotten a shot of them but they’re so well camouflaged that the couple of shots we did get in show a cute little behind (if you can make it out) and a couple of feet. Nothing we can display in other words. To top it all most of the hog we saw were teenagers (about a year old) so not very big. However, on the way back we were mock charged by a mama hog who was defending her brood. I was busy trying to capture them with my I-phone while Marks was busy trying to get me behind him as they’re really vicious and he’s my big protector. All in all I think there were at least 12 hog, a couple of deer hightailing it away from us and a huge raccoon. Even though both of us wear the snake boots, knee high socks, camo pants tied at the bottom, we still managed to get ticks on us. This was one of the most active days as far as animals were concerned and thankfully we found some lovely areas for future photographic excursions which made it all the more worthwhile. Hope you guys had a lovely relaxing long weekend. We’re facing bad weather (so the forecaster say) for the upcoming week. Photography will have to wait. Have a great week.



    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thank you Joey!

      Wow, sounds like you had a very exciting time! It’s great that there’s still places where wildlife roam free all over the world.

      But ticks I can live without; I get all worked up whenever one of them hitches a ride on one of us – especially if it’s on Joubert. Last tickbite I had was in December at Ithala and it was sore and itchy for several days (but I wasn’t going to cut short my holiday just because a tick bit me either! 🙂 )

      All the best to you and Marks for the week ahead, despite the bad weather prediction…

      And thank you again for always boosting us with your positive contributions!




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