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Baboon antics in Glen Reenen

People will always find the primates entertaining, and the baboon troops in Golden Gate Highlands National Park is no exception. However, when they come foraging between the accommodation units and in the camping site at Glen Reenen Rest Camp they can really cause havoc. They’ll inspect every open window to see what’s inside a car, tent or hut, and will help themselves to whatever they find that even vaguely resembles food, while the naughty little ones can cause quite a lot of damage to property and structures with their rough-and-tumble play.

Shingwedzi jungle-gym

Boisterous Baby Baboons

Driving around the Kruger National Park, especially along one of the major rivercourses, you’re bound to come across a troop or two of baboons. Watching their behaviour and especially their human-like interactions is extremely entertaining.

We encountered this little group one afternoon along the Shingwedzi River, during our September 2014 visit. While the big male watched, sometimes with what seemed like considerable concern for their well-being, the energetic little ones were clambering into a smallĀ tree and jumping down again, over and over again, their happiness clearly written all over their faces…


Laid back at Shingwedzi

We’ve arrived at Shingwedzi Rest Camp, in the far northern Kruger National Park. We’ll be taking this baboon’s attitude to heart in the next few days as we explore what the Kruger still has in store for us