Baboon antics in Glen Reenen

People will always find the primates entertaining, and the baboon troops in Golden Gate Highlands National Park is no exception. However, when they come foraging between the accommodation units and in the camping site at Glen Reenen Rest Camp they can really cause havoc. They’ll inspect every open window to see what’s inside a car, tent or hut, and will help themselves to whatever they find that even vaguely resembles food, while the naughty little ones can cause quite a lot of damage to property and structures with their rough-and-tumble play.

10 thoughts on “Baboon antics in Glen Reenen

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  2. MJF Images

    I had a tent burglarized and a rental car partly damaged in Namibia by baboons. They tore a very neat rip in the tent and inspected everything inside, and finding no food left the same way they came in. It was very easy to sew the tear it was so neat. Lesson learned! BTW I’m not so sure about those ranchers in RSA who will kill them and hang the bodies up on a fence to warn others. It seems not quite sane for some reason.


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      They can be very destructive indeed, Michael. And they’re extremely strong and very dangerous when cornered; I don’t want to ever inadvertently trap a baboon anywhere we stay. I’m happy to say that none of those farmers who’d use such a sick and macabre method of keeping baboons at bay are acquaintances of ours.


    2. vvuureoc

      The hanging carcases is quite sane and works quite well. The original idea comes from leopards / cheatas that will kill baboons close to the cub’s safe area and hang them in low trees or bushes.
      I suspect the living see the dead ones as lookout (brandwag) of a competing troupe and takes steps to avoid them.

      The people in built up areas are now using paintball guns that also has a cruel outcome sometimes as the painted baboon will run itself to death in attempt to rejoin the group … but the group will avoid or attack painted one.



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