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Ten years of de Wets Wild!

Today marks the tenth anniversary of de Wets Wild‘s “birth”.

We’re grateful for the very many friends we made along the way and for all your kindness and encouragement. Thank you.

What better way to celebrate this milestone than taking a quick tour through the wild places of the beautiful country that inspired this blog to begin with!?



Our 2021 In Pictures

Take a look back with us at the wonderfully wild South African places we visited in 2021.


A Wilderness Birthday

Parents often anguish about the perfect gift to give their children on their birthdays. This year however, for us anyway, things couldn’t have worked out better in preparation for Joubert’s 12th birthday.

You see, the minimum age requirement to join one of the wilderness trails in the Kruger National Park is 12 years. Joubert has been wanting to go on a trail for almost as long as he can walk. When a late cancellation then became available on the Sweni Trail, the most popular of all the trails in the Kruger Park, right on his birthday, there was just no way we could pass on the opportunity, even if it means he’ll have to work very hard to catch up his missed school work this coming week.

Joubert and I spent the past week in the Kruger National Park, half of it on the trail. This first set of photographs were all taken in the days leading up to his wilderness birthday.

Of course, there’s a bunch of stories to be told – and you can be sure that we will – but as a little teaser, Joubert was 12 years and 1 day old when these lions took offence at us invading their territory ON FOOT. We will tell you all about it soon.


World Wildlife Day 2021

What better excuse to take another look at the 83 species of South African wildlife that we featured here at de Wets Wild in the past year than World Wildlife Day?

Merry Christmas!

We’re wishing all our friends here at de Wets Wild a Blessed Christmas!

Here’s just a few of the festive decorations we found in the past few days adorning the trees (and bushes and shrubs and grasses and all other manner of plants) in the national parks of the Western Cape. I can’t pretend to know even most of their names, but I’m sure you’ll agree that they’re all stunningly beautiful!


Watching a Common Moorhen chick grow up

Over the past several weeks we’ve been fortunate to watch the resident pair of Common Moorhen raise their chick at the little pond in the centre of our local Moreletakloof Nature Reserve.

We first noticed the parent pair with more regularity in late August, with the onset of warmer spring weather. Soon after, we had our first glimpse of the chick and since have returned to visit as regularly as we could – the dam always featuring on our hike at some point and usually we’re lucky to get at least a glimpse of the chick. The rate at which it has has grown is absolutely astounding and it will soon be independent of its parents.

Pilanesberg for a day

Yesterday, Joubert and I slipped away for a day visit to the Pilanesberg National Park. We’ll soon be telling you all about our amazing day in the bushveld, but until then we’ll share this little teaser of what’s in store.


World Wildlife Day 2020

We can’t think of a better way to celebrate World Wildlife Day than to look back at the 64 species of South African wildlife we gave special attention to here at de Wets Wild over the past year.

Click on the first image, scroll through the gallery and by the end of it you are sure to believe, as we do, that South Africa is a treasure chest of beautiful creatures that you absolutely have to visit!

Our 2019 in pictures

Looking back at all the places we stayed in while exploring South Africa’s wild places in 2019!

Growing up with a love for nature: Joubert turns 10!

Today is Joubert’s 10th birthday.

Marilize and I thank God for creating Joubert for us and us for him. What more could we need? What a blessing it’s been to watch this bright and beautiful little boy grow up to share our appreciation and deep love for South Africa’s wild places.

Looking back at some photos of him enjoying the great outdoors brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. Has ten years really flown by so quickly!?

Happy Birthday, Joubert!