Cape Chestnut

Calodendrum capense

In bloom the Cape Chestnut is a beautiful tree that flourishes in montane, coastal and riverine forests, occurring patchily along Africa’s east coast from Kenya southwards to the Western Cape of South Africa. In forests it can grow to 20m tall while in gardens – where it is a very popular feature plant – it grows to only about half that height. The striking flowers are carried in early summer and is popular with butterflies, many of which – including the Citrus Swallowtail – also uses the Cape Chestnut as a fodder plant for their larvae. Primates and birds love the seeds. An oil made from the seeds is used as a skin care product, and in days past the wood was used to make wagon parts and furniture.


22 thoughts on “Cape Chestnut

    1. DeWetsWild Post author

      Ons Kaapse Kastaiing is eintlik glad nie familie van die “Horse Chestnut” wat in die noordelike halfrond natuurlik groei en onder ander na baie van die ou Engelse kolonies ingevoer is nie, Ineke. Eintlik lyk hulle maar net op n afstand bietjie na mekaar, vandaar die naam.



        Herfs het nog nie regtig toegeslaan nie. Was nog heeltyd bo gemiddeld warm met selfs subtropiese front oor ons. Ongelukkig/gelukkig draai die weer Donderdag dat daar goed koue gaan inbeweeg. Ek dink ons spring sommer oor herfs winter in.

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      1. SweetButterfly Bliss

        Always seems to be the way! Good thing the smells and sights are forever embedded in our memories.


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