Marakele’s Behemoths

There’s no denying that Africa’s mega-mammals are a great attraction for visitors to our national parks, and being in close proximity to these majestic and charismatic animals remains a thrill we cannot ever tire of, no matter how often we have the pleasure to see them up close.

The Cape, of African, Buffalo may not box in the same weight division as the rhinos and elephants that also call Marakele National Park home, but they have a well deserved fearsome reputation, especially the cantankerous lone males, of which we saw quite a few while we were exploring the Park on our short visit last week.

With our white and black rhinos being so severely threatened by poachers it was heartening to have several good sightings of these prehistoric-looking animals at Marakele, and we realised again what a great debt of gratitude we owe the rangers who keep these animals safe on a daily basis.

An elephant roadblock is always a wonderful experience, but in Marakele, where the elephants are less used to having vehicles in their space, it can be downright exciting! It is important to give the grey giants lots of space and respect, so I am grateful that I can trust Joubert to get the shots while I keep the car pointing in the right direction!

Remember that DeWetsWild will gladly assist you with a reservation and planning if you’re interested in visiting Marakele National Park and making the most of your visit.


30 thoughts on “Marakele’s Behemoths

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  3. wetanddustyroads

    Daardie horings van die buffels is ongelooflik mooi (en waarskynlik baie gevaarlik). En ja, dit is verblydend om deur jou foto’s te kyk en die pragtige renosters te sien. As ek kyk na die mooi olifant foto’s, verstaan ek hoekom jy en Joubert so ‘n goeie span maak 🙂.

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        Dis goeie ondervinding. Ek sien as mens regtig ingaan op ‘n rigting is betaling baie goed. Mens moet natuurlik hard werk en eintlik eet slaap en drink fotografie. Het hy al ‘n kursus gedoen om meer inligting te kry om nog beter te doen? Daar is n goeie fotograaf wat besonder goed was wat Tina vir my ingeskryf het. Selfs die gevorderde jaar ook gedoen.

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  4. sustainabilitea

    I love these behemoths and I really like the photo of Joubert taking a photo. 🙂

    Close, close game with New Zealand, especially with all the new faces. I do think Duarte is overrated although he’s an excellent kicker for conversions.

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