More to Marakele’s Birdlife than Hornbills

The rich variety of habitats protected within the borders of the Marakele National Park harbours an amazing variety of bird species (besides the hornbills we showed you yesterday). These are just a few of the other species we saw and photographed in the two days we spent at Marakele last week.

Remember that DeWetsWild will gladly assist you with a reservation and planning if you’re interested in visiting Marakele National Park and making the most of your visit.



17 thoughts on “More to Marakele’s Birdlife than Hornbills

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  2. sustainabilitea

    Great variety, Dries. I especially like the stork and bee eater.

    7’s is over again but we’re WAY behind due to whitewater rafting yesterday. We saw the Boks win the first one but there so many more games to go.

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    1. DeWetsWild Post author

      Our small population of Black Storks are resident year round, Tracy – unlike the White Storks that migrate enormous distances from the northern hemisphere to spend the summer with us.

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