Limpopo Ramble 2022: Mapungubwe Birding

Including the Pel’s Fishing Owl and the Verreaux’s Eagles at their nest, we managed to identify exactly 100 bird species during our 4 night visit to the Mapungubwe National Park in June 2022. With over 460 species recorded in the Park, many of which are summer visitors, we’ll just have to return again to build on our list. These are some that played along for a photo or two during our latest visit to Mapungubwe.


21 thoughts on “Limpopo Ramble 2022: Mapungubwe Birding

  1. wetanddustyroads

    Sjoe, 100 voel spesies in net 4 dae … is dit normaal of is dit buitengewoon om so baie te sien in so ‘n kort tydjie? Die ‘Crested Barbet’ is ‘n interessante (en kleurvolle) voel en julle voels-in-vlug foto’s is altyd pragtig!

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Ernstiger voelkykers sou sekerlik nog baie meer op hul lysie gehad het, Corna. Daar was n paar soorte wat ons net nie kon uitken nie. Mapungubwe het ook heelparty spesies wat nie veel verder suid in ons land voorkom as daar nie.

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  2. lois

    Such beauties you have here, Dries, but the Crested Barbet is pretty breathtaking. Look at all those colors! Is that other bird really called a Go-Away bird? Maybe I have a thing for crests, but he looks like he could be a distant relative of the cockatiel family, maybe?

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