My Mom is stronger than you!

While out driving one rainy afternoon near Satara in the Kruger National Park, we came upon a lonely and obviously terrified lion cub, running in the road and trying to hide in roadside bushes, all the while calling for his pride. We were still feeling sorry for the little one when suddenly his demeanor changed totally – he picked himself up and confidently started running past our car. It is then that we noticed his mother standing, and looking quite intimidating, behind the assembled vehicles, ready to attack anyone or anything that threatens her little one. When he reached her they both gave the human spectators a parting glance, joined the rest of the pride and confidently walked off into the bush. The encounter made a wonderful impression on all of us.


26 thoughts on “My Mom is stronger than you!

  1. loisajay

    How precious is that! And what a cute face on this ‘little’ guy. I will tell you when I saw this post title, I just knew Marilize was taking on some wild animal and single-handedly gave over this little cub to his mama. That’s really what happened, right? 🙂

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