Southern Rock Agama

Agama atra

The Southern Rock Agama occurs only in South Africa (portions of every province), Lesotho and very marginally into Namibia and Botswana. They occur in a wide range of habitats, from the seashore to semi-deserts to high mountain plateaus, provided there’s rocks among which to shelter. They feed mainly on various small insects and other invertebrates. When danger threatens they’ll rely on their camouflage and if that fails they’ll race to the nearest crevice.

Southern Rock Agamas live in dense colonies in which both males and females hold territories (those of males being larger and encompassing the areas of several females). Females usually lay two clutches of between 7 and 18 eggs each in a year – one in spring and the other in late summer – in shallow holes dug in damp soil. The eggs hatch after 2-3 months. Adults grow to about 20cm in length (including the tail).

Although it is listed as being of least concern, unfortunately populations near or in our towns and cities are increasingly being threatened by domestic cats.


17 thoughts on “Southern Rock Agama

      1. naturebackin

        Indeed. Our cats have an enclosed garden (which I have posted about). Not only does it limit any potential hunting but it also keeps the cats safe, so I highly recommend this as a great compromise. Also we don’t let our dogs chase birds and other animals. I wish other dog owners would be more respectful of wildlife especially when out walking.

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      2. de Wets Wild Post author

        You are so right, Carol – we tend to think that it is only feral dogs and cats that cause destruction, and yet the truth is that any of these pets no matter how well loved and cared for has the opportunistic carnivore instinct deeply ingrained.

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    Ai nou mis ek weer die Bosveld vanaand. Daar was lank n bloukopkoggelmander wat in die bome en in my agterplasie gekuier het. Hy is later dood. Het teen die baksteenmuur gesit/gehang
    Hy het so stil gesit dat ek ondersoek ingestel het hoekom hy nie weg beweeg nie(was toe al die tyd reeds dood) Kon nie sien of hy seer gekry het nie. Miskien het hy baklei en maar beseer is.

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Eerder so stilweg gaan op die bestemde tyd as wat hy n kat ten prooi geval het. Koggelmanders kan nogal mak raak rondom mense as hulle met rus gelaat word.



        Ja, hierdie ou was heel mak. Daar was n hoë baksteen muur agter my eenheid waar hy gereeld gesit en loer het vir my terwyl ek in die kombuis besig was. Die deur het oop gestaan en hy het gladnie weggehol as ek bv uitgekom het nie. Maar ek vermoed hy moes baklei het want daar was op n stadium n tweede een wat soort van agter die ou aangejaag het.

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