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Southern Rock Agama

Agama atra

The Southern Rock Agama occurs only in South Africa (portions of every province), Lesotho and very marginally into Namibia and Botswana. They occur in a wide range of habitats, from the seashore to semi-deserts to high mountain plateaus, provided there’s rocks among which to shelter. They feed mainly on various small insects and other invertebrates. When danger threatens they’ll rely on their camouflage and if that fails they’ll race to the nearest crevice.

Southern Rock Agamas live in dense colonies in which both males and females hold territories (those of males being larger and encompassing the areas of several females). Females usually lay two clutches of between 7 and 18 eggs each in a year – one in spring and the other in late summer – in shallow holes dug in damp soil. The eggs hatch after 2-3 months. Adults grow to about 20cm in length (including the tail).

Although it is listed as being of least concern, unfortunately populations near or in our towns and cities are increasingly being threatened by domestic cats.