African Mourning Dove

Streptopelia decipiens

African Mourning Doves inhabit tall riverine woodlands, feeding predominantly on grasses, seeds and small fruits, and occasionally termites, found by foraging on the ground. They are quite large doves, adults weighing around 160g and measuring about 30cm in length. This dove is usually seen singly or in monogamous pairs, only rarely congregating in larger groups, but often associates with other kinds of doves. They appear to breed throughout the year, using flimsy stick platform-nests built in trees. Typically, clutches contain 2 eggs.

The African Mourning Dove has a limited distribution in South Africa, occurring only in the Limpopo Valley and Lowveld, where the Kruger National Park‘s Letaba, Satara and Shingwedzi Camps are excellent locations to go looking for them, and enjoying their characteristic voices. They’re distributed more widely, if patchily, north of our borders, occurring through east Africa and the Sahel. The IUCN considers the African Mourning Dove to be of least concern.


14 thoughts on “African Mourning Dove

    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      That’s very interesting, Montucky; We have many kinds of birds that migrate here only for the summer, but all our doves and pigeons remain here in the colder months, so I was under the impression that they’re more “sedentary” kinds of birds!



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