Boys Weekend in the Pilanesberg

Early on this past Saturday morning Joubert and I headed for the Pilanesberg National Park’s Kwa Maritane Gate. Our plan was to spend all of Saturday, most of Sunday morning and the night between in one of South Africa’s most easily accessible wildlife destinations, enjoying a bit of father-son company and shared hobbies in the beautiful surroundings far from the city’s distractions. When the Gate opened at 05:30 we set off, enjoying some thrilling encounters with the Park’s wildlife right from the start.

While we were enjoying the Pilanesberg’s sights and sounds from the coolness of the photographic hide at Makorwane Dam, Joubert suggested that we head for Bakgatla Resort to go setup camp before the day got any hotter.

With our tent pitched and our camping chairs unpacked, we could enjoy our lunch, a few glasses of cold drink and an ice-cream treat surrounded by a selection of Bakgatla’s permanent residents of the feathered variety.

The first stop on our afternoon drive was Rathlogo Hide, just a few kilometers from Bakgatla.

At Tilodi Dam we laughed at the antics of a male African Black Duck that was most impressed with himself for having chased off a White-faced Whistling Duck from “his” shoreline.

There was much more wildlife to be seen as we traveled through the southeastern portions of the Park.

At Lengau Dam a group of baboon youngsters were having great fun roughhousing in a dead tree and occasionally dropping into the water below – no doubt enjoying great relief from the oppressive heat but I was surprised that they weren’t more afraid of the crocodiles!

With the sun setting it was time to head towards Bakgatla.

On Sunday morning we packed up our camp and headed for the Lenong Viewpoint to enjoy our morning tea and rusks from a beautiful vantage point high on top of one of Pilanesberg’s mountains. The rest of the morning we spent visiting more of our favourite spots in the Park, until the day started getting really hot again. We enjoyed a quick lunch at Fish Eagle Picnic Spot and then headed for Kwa Maritane Gate and home…

Pilanesberg National Park is an easy 160km drive from our home in Pretoria.

43 thoughts on “Boys Weekend in the Pilanesberg

    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks very much, Carol!
      Indeed, the veld is very dry in Pilanesberg at the moment, with even sections burned in September in a runaway fire still not showing any new sprouts. Would love to see the transformation after the first rains! All the big dams still hold good quantities of water though.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. perdebytjie

    Pilanesberg is ‘n klein juweeltjie. Ons was ‘n maand gelede weer daar, maar dit was baie droog. Het dit al bietjie gereΓ«n? Jou foto’s is pragtig en diΓ© oor die bobbejane is puik, Dries! Joubert is baie gelukkig om ‘n pa soos jy te hΓͺ en hy ontwikkel in ‘n kranige fotograaf.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Ongelukkig lyk dit nie of dit al veel gereen het in Pilanesberg nie, Dina – die dele wat einde September gebrand het het nog bitter min groen gras wat uitloop. Dit lyk darem of die damme goed deur die winter gekom het.

      Baie dankie ook vir die gawe komplimente!

      Liked by 1 person


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