Lightning over Glen Reenen

Time to pack up and head back to Pretoria this morning, but not before sharing one last photograph from the Golden Gate Highlands National Park; last night we were treated to a display of thunder and lighting over the mountains around Glen Reenen as a storm cell passed quickly through the area.

Golden Gate 8 Nov 2014(b)




35 thoughts on “Lightning over Glen Reenen

    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thank you very much Margaret -Rose!

      I setup my camera on a tripod just outside the little cottage we were staying in to get this and a couple of other photos of the storm, and then had to scamper for cover when the rain started falling (and that only lasted a couple of minutes)

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      1. scrapydo

        Jong die ding is dis vir hul verskriklik die een enkele donderslag! Hul praat van a “thunder clap”! En dan: het jy dit gehoor(nie gesien nie)? Die aardbewings is vir my soos die donderweer vir die Kapenaars. Ouens hier voel dit nie sommer meer nie!


          1. scrapydo

            Ha ha, dit help nie om weg te kruip nie! Jy moet net vashou en jou kop toe hou sodat jy nie alles op jou kop kry nie! Ek maak n grap maar dis rerig nie te lekker nie. Eerder weerlig as aardbewings!

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