Skukuza dawn

Winter in Kruger, Skukuza August 2014

By now you’ll probably know that we were back in the Kruger National Park early in August. We’ve already shared with you our memorable encounter with a pride of lions, and shown you some pictures taken from the brilliant photographic hide at Lake Panic.

Memorable lion sighting near Skukuza, 3 August 2014

Memorable lion sighting near Skukuza, 3 August 2014

An hour or two at Lake Panic

An hour or two at Lake Panic

In this post, we’re showcasing more of the amazing diversity of scenery and wildlife that the southern region of the Kruger National Park is renowned for and that we enjoyed during our 5 night stay at Skukuza. Click on any of the images, sit back and enjoy the gallery 😉

We’ll soon dedicate a post to Skukuza’s rich history, amenities and natural attractions, but next week we’ll be sharing some more from our winter 2014 visit to the Kruger National Park, the three nights we camped at Satara. Look out for lots of predators and more photos of the white monkey 😉


18 thoughts on “Winter in Kruger, Skukuza August 2014

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  2. Stacy P. Fischer

    What wonderful photos you have posted. As I came to each one, I would think, oh, this is my favorite. But then I would go on to the next … and think the same thing 🙂 Thanks for sharing. It’s always a wonderful education!


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  4. M-R

    I think I’m in love with the helmeted guineafowl: a bird as bold as that is just AMAZING ! 😀
    Your usual standard of fabulous shots, team – and my usual sincere thanks for them.


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Feeding the animals is strictly against the rules Lois, but yes, it is plain to see that this guineafowl has learned that not all people have the sense to realise that the rules are there for good reason…


  5. CMFowler

    Oh how I LOVED this post! I was so very fortunate to have once lived in Skukuza as a child. This brings back many wonderful memories and your photos are breathtaking! Thanks for this!!! 🙂



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