Golden sunrise on the water

An hour or two at Lake Panic

Lake Panic is a man-made body of water just outside of Skukuza, the headquarters and biggest rest camp of the Kruger National Park. The dam originally got its name when a flood threatened to destroy it shortly after it was built, but today, being home to enormous crocodiles and cantankerous hippos, the name is still just as apt.

The hide at Lake Panic, situated at the water’s edge surrounded by lush vegetation, is extremely popular with photographers. In the early morning the sunrise over the water, often shrouded in a cloak of mist, is absolutely breathtaking, and there’s a constant processions of birds and animals to focus on throughout the day.

While staying at Skukuza recently, we made sure we popped in at Lake Panic regularly, staying for an hour or two. These are just some of the sights we enjoyed.

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