Just another day in the Kruger: 23 September 2013

Never a day passes in the Kruger National Park that is not full of surprises.

We will be heading back home to Pretoria tomorrow, but today we had great sightings of huge elephant and buffalo herds, jackals, a massive eland bull, several grysbok and even an albino impala.

The highlight of the day was seeing a young male lion walking casually past a mixed herd of elephant and buffalo on the Dzundwini loop-road near Punda Maria – that’s three of the “Big-5” in the same spot! Unfortunately I could only manage a shot of the lion and elephant in the same frame.

Lion and elephants 20130923


16 thoughts on “Just another day in the Kruger: 23 September 2013

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  2. Woolly Muses

    Thanks for following a quiet WoollyMuses, over the past two weeks, at least. I had hoped to post regularly while in Kruger. Now Perth..home at week’s end. Hope bring some images soon. Would have doubted so,e I,ages were as easily produced, but for having experienced SA/Kruger myself. A wonderful holiday destination.


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      It’s great to hear that our beautiful country and our beloved Kruger Park did not disappoint you Woolly Muses. We’re looking forward to your photos and the tales of your adventures!



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