That’s close enough! Kruger Park, 22 September 2013

It was a cool, overcast day at Punda Maria in the Kruger National Park today, and this buffalo wasn’t impressed with us disturbing his slumber!

Close enough 20130922


15 thoughts on “That’s close enough! Kruger Park, 22 September 2013

  1. true2crusader

    A great shot I can relate to quite vividly. Although Canada may not have all the wild life of your home, I met a young, 2000 lb bull moose while walking in the relatively wilds of northern Ontario. I remember a look very similar to your neightbour shown above. I walked away…backwards…very slowly. Look forward to seeing more. Thanks for dropping by and liking my more recent action shots from the west coast wild….


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      We had another great visit to the Kruger Park Tish, ended much to soon as always and now we’re back in the city with loads of pictures to share.

      Buffaloes are often underestimated because the appear so docile. Hope you’ll share those buffalo stories with us on your blog!?


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks very much Joey!

      We’re going home Tuesday and still have all tomorrow to enjoy the Park. At the moment I am sitting in the hide at the floodlit waterhole next to the camp fence, watching a herd of elephant slake their thirst 😉

      Regards to Marks and keep well dear friends!


  2. bulldog

    This is a great photo… that Buff has an angry look about him… love it… the Buff is one of my favourite animals.. so much power that seems to be in such a docile body , but beware it can go off like a bomb and maybe that is why I love it… scared of nothing…



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