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Tree Creeper Scorpion

Opisthacanthus asper

The large and strikingly coloured Tree Creeper Scorpion occurs in savanna habitats in northern Kwazulu-Natal, through the Lowveld and along the Limpopo Valley into the Bushveld, where they live in trees (being especially fond of the Knobthorn), bushes and fallen logs. By day they hide in the crevices in trees and behind bark and by night they use these hide-outs to ambush passing prey or actively go hunting in and near their home trees. For this reason hanging clothes and shoes from trees where the Tree Creeper occurs is not to be advised – while they are quite docile in nature and their venom is too weak to be medically significant a sting from these 10cm long scorpions, half of which is the tail, can be quite painful (so I hear). Male Tree Creepers tap their pincers on the bark to warn a female that he is not prey and won’t approach closer until it is clear that the female will not attack when they want to mate.