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Grey-winged Francolin

Scleroptila afra

A fairly common inhabitant of fynbos and mountain grasslands and scrub to elevations as high as 2750m above sea level, Grey-winged Francolins move around in groups of up to 25 birds, but more usually between 3 and 8. Insects and bulbous plants make up the majority of its diet. Adults grow to 33cm with a weight of up to 520g.

The breeding season in Grey-winged Francolins spans spring and summer, reaching a peak between August and November. Females lie 4-8 eggs, though nests with up to 15 eggs have been noted and must be the result of 2 or more females sharing a nest. The hen incubates the eggs for 3 weeks and the chicks start moving around with their parents soon after hatching.

The Grey-winged Francolin occurs only in Lesotho and South Africa, where it is distributed through most of the Western and Eastern Cape and into portions of the Northern Cape, Free State, Kwazulu-Natal and Mpumalange where suitable habitat is found. The IUCN considers the Grey-winged Francolin of least concern despite it being a popular hunting bird in parts of its range.