Four-colour Nudibranch

Godiva quadricolor

The Four-colour Nudibranch is a shell-less mollusc found naturally along the South African coast, but has also been recorded as an exotic alien in Australia and the Mediterranean, where it is thought they were transported to by commercial shipping. They live from the intertidal zone to a depth of up to 20m. Their cerata – the “horns” covering the 4cm long body in bold warning colours – are tipped with stinging nematocysts, which the slug uses to protect itself. These slugs are predators, feeding on other nudibranchs, hydrozoa and other small organisms, while also probably feeding on the remains of dead vertebrates. Like other slugs and snails they are hermaphrodites and produce masses of eggs that hatch within 4 days of being fertilized (internally) and laid.

While visiting with Marilize’s parents in Jeffreys Bay over the New Year we came across this beautiful slug in a rock pool at the main beach. I think its natural beauty is further enhanced by the multitude of colourful shell shards surrounding it in these pictures.


22 thoughts on “Four-colour Nudibranch

    1. DeWetsWild Post author

      Dankie, Corna! Ek kan ook nie onthou dat ons dié soort al gesien het nie. Dié naakslak het darem so pragtig gelyk tussen die fyn stukkies skulp, ek sou vir myself baie vies gewees het as ek die foto’s opgemors het!

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