African Small White Butterfly

Dixeia charina

One of the smaller species of the family, with a wingspan ranging only up to 4cm, the African Small White has a limited distribution stretching from the Garden Route to the southern Lowveld where they inhabit coastal, montane and riverine forests and dense woodlands. Larvae feed on the leaves of caperbushes. Adults fly year-round, reaching peak numbers towards the end of summer.


6 thoughts on “African Small White Butterfly

  1. wetanddustyroads

    Jy neem regtig mooi foto’s van skoenlappers! Ek sien hulle net vir ‘n vlietende oomblik by my verby vlieg en dan’s hulle weg. Ek neem aan jy moet regtig geduld he en vir hulle sit en wag om foto’s van hulle te neem … of hoe?


    1. DeWetsWild Post author

      Looking for new kinds of butterflies has added a wonderful new dimension to my enjoyment of our wild places, Anne. I’m sure you’ve found the same since you received your butterfly field guide?


      1. DeWetsWild Post author

        Sounds like your butterflies reacted the same way to the book as the flies here do when you pick up a swatter! How on earth they know to disappear when you have that instrument in your hand is beyond me.

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