Zebra White Butterfly

Pinacopteryx eriphia

The Zebra White is another butterfly that is distributed over much of South Africa, and is found in pockets of all our provinces. It doesn’t appear to be numerous anywhere though. It inhabits arid scrub and thickets, warmer grasslands and savanna habitats. Adults have a wingspan of between 4 and 5cm and can be seen throughout the year. They usually fly slow and very close to the ground but can accelerate very quickly to escape danger when required.


11 thoughts on “Zebra White Butterfly

  1. Anne

    Such lovely photographs, however, I admit to exclaiming happily at the Pride-of-de-Kaap flowers in the background: blooms of my childhood ever present in my memories of growing up in the Lowveld 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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