Sclerocarya birrea

One of Africa’s most iconic trees, the Marula is widespread over sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar. In South Africa it is found in Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Limpopo, Gauteng and Northwest. It grows in savanna and woodland.

The Marula is a large tree, growing up to 18m tall, with a wide spreading crown. Its fruit and leaves are popular with a very wide range of animals, from moth larvae and rodents to giraffes and elephants.

Marula fruit are edible, either fresh or made into jam. Fermented it is used to make traditional beer and Marula cream liqueur is exported the world over. The nut is used as food by itself or mixed with vegetables. In traditional medicine various parts of the Marula tree is used to treat allergies, diarrhoea, rheumatism, haemorrhoids , constipation, even gonorrhoea. The wood is good enough to manufacture furniture and floors and strong rope can be made from the inside layer of the bark.


19 thoughts on “Marula

  1. Mthobisi Magagula

    Those are lovely pictures De Wets of the iconic tree, the Marula tree and its fruit. I now understand that this tree is 18m tall and it can be used to create alcoholic beverages and most key, fruits do come from those marula trees🌲. I wish to visit South Africa and take snap pictures of that famous tree, I usually see it in the Television sets and online 👏👏


  2. wetanddustyroads

    Sjoe, die Marula boom is omtrent veeldoelig (is dit nou die regte woord?). Ons het verlede jaar in Die Hel (Gamkaskloof) ‘n bottel Amarula likeur saamgeneem om ons 25ste huweliksherdenking te vier … ek het vooraf gelees die Marula boom is ook bekend as die “Marriage Tree” en kon nie aan ‘n beter drankie dink om 25 jaar te vier nie 😄.
    O ja, ek’s mal oor daardie mooi sonopkoms foto!

    Liked by 1 person


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