Satara Summer 2021 – Jaunting with Jackals

The plains around Satara is usually one of the best regions of the Kruger National Park for regular encounters with Black-backed Jackals, and that certainly was the case again when we visited in December 2021.

In the first few days after we arrived at Satara we were lucky to spend some time with a pair of Black-backed Jackals and their small puppies that were using a den just outside the camp’s north-west corner. The parents must have moved their den later because we didn’t get to see the family again later in our stay.

Another pair of baby jackals were to be seen on the H6 road and these lively puppies were responsible for lots of smiles. One morning we found them playing with every kind of dung that was lying on the road near them – I wondered what their parents thought of their smelly breath and fur!

Black-backed Jackals are great at making the most of every opportunity. We found this jackal scrounging around for grubs in elephant dung one morning on the S90.

While Black-backed Jackals are commonly encountered around Satara, the other kind of jackal that occurs in the Kruger National Park – the Side-striped Jackal – is a much rarer find. We only had one fleeting glimpse of one individual during our three week trip to Satara.

Side-striped Jackal



18 thoughts on “Satara Summer 2021 – Jaunting with Jackals

  1. Birder's Journey

    How fascinating that there is a Black backed jackal, and even a side striped jackal. What an interesting curiosity of nature. When I saw the first photo I thought how sweet and charming though I’ve never thought of jackals in this way before! Beautiful photos.

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