Satara Summer 2021 – Gangly Giraffes

Giraffes probably need no introduction, even for those who have never laid eyes on a living one before. No matter our familiarity with them, their unique features always ensure that they get the attention they deserve when we see them, and thankfully our December 2021 visit to the Satara area of the Kruger National Park delivered many wonderful encounters with the Camelhorse (direct translation of their Afrikaans name, Kameelperd).

That long face and extra long tongue can make for some comical expressions!

Giraffes might generally be regarding as the laid-back Hippies of Africa’s wild places, but bulls do get into heated arguments when it comes to their hierarchy and mating rights and it is not unheard of for a well-placed swing to knock over (or out!) one of the combatants. We had ring-side seats for this fight just south of Satara on the 14th of December.

They might be walking off, but the fight between these two giraffes is not over!

They’d even be at it on Christmas Day – these bulls were having it out near Nwanetsi on the 25th of December.

To conclude this post, the iconic shot of a giraffe silhouetted against the colours of an African sunrise.


24 thoughts on “Satara Summer 2021 – Gangly Giraffes

  1. wetanddustyroads

    Pragtige foto’s … ek is verstom om te sien hoe hulle baklei. Op die foto met die motor in die pad, kan ‘n mens nou eintlik werklik sien hoe groot hulle kan word! En natuurlik, jou laaste foto met die kameelperd afge-ets teen die Afrika sonsondergang – die mooiste een vir my!

    Liked by 1 person


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