A memorable encounter with Sable Antelope

As mentioned in our previous post, the chief reason why Joubert and I decided to spend the first morning of our August trip to the Kruger National Park around Mlondozi Picnic Site was the recent sightings of a beautiful herd of sable antelope in that vicinity. Being one of our favourite antelope we couldn’t let the opportunity go by without going to see whether we can find the herd as well. Only on our second circuit around Muntshe Mountain and along the Mnondozi stream were we rewarded with the encounter we were hoping so dearly for. Without a doubt the best sighting I have had of Sable Antelope in over 30 years. As they crossed the road one-by-one we counted 25 individuals ranging from the magnificent bull to the long-eared calves.


31 thoughts on “A memorable encounter with Sable Antelope

  1. lois

    Joubert–your photos are so wonderful! The heifer/calf/cow/bull crossing the road reminded me of the Beatles Abbey Road album cover. And I had to look up the difference between a heifer and a cow….I am such a city girl!

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Ons was uit ons vel uit van opgewondenheid, Ineke.
      Hulle is ewe gemaklik in die Laeveld as in die ou Transvaal se bosveld gebiede – die Europese ontdekkingsreisigers het hulle die eerste keer net agter die Magaliesberge aangetref.



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