Summertide Diary: Departing Mountain Zebra

3 January 2021

Today we had to leave Mountain Zebra National Park early, for we had a long way to get back home to Pretoria and had to beat the government-imposed curfew at that. It may have been only 12km from the camp to the gate, but still there was loads to see!

Very near the gate there’s a nice waterhole where even this early in the morning a procession of game was already congregating. The serenity of the scene was shattered when a mountain zebra love triangle got out of hand, but calm soon settled again.

During our time in Mountain Zebra National Park we were very lucky to come across a Black Rhinoceros cow and calf. For their protection I won’t be able to share where or when it was that we saw them, but being able to see more of these magnificent creatures was a privilege we were very grateful for.

And with that our summertide ramble came to a halt, if temporarily, as I had important start-of-the-year work to attend to back in Pretoria. As it would be some weeks still before the schools were due to reopen we did have another reservation in the offing, but with South Africa in the midst of a serious second wave of COVID-19 infections we weren’t at all certain that we would be able to take it up…

We posted a special feature about Mountain Zebra National Park following a previous visit, if you’d like to learn more about this special destination.

Map of Mountain Zebra National Park from the SANParks website (



18 thoughts on “Summertide Diary: Departing Mountain Zebra

  1. naturebackin

    I loved visiting this beautiful park with you and seeing your varied collection of lovely photos. Took me back to our visit there a few years back – although it was even drier then and quite bleak. We would like to revisit at some stage.

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  2. Anne

    That fairly long road out of the park yields a surprising amount and variety of game, especially considering how heavily it is used. It is a fitting farewell until the next time.

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Absolutely true about the main road, Anne. I think the game being so accustomed to the vehicles makes sightings a lot better too. And if it is up to us we’ll definitely visit Mountain Zebra National Park again.


  3. H.J. for avian101

    Do Black Rhinos take mud baths for protection? I know that elephants do it to. The mountain zebras are they herds large numbers?. Nice post, D. 🙂

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