Summertide Diary: Spending time with hungry elephants

I can’t think of another reserve in South Africa where the elephants are quite so relaxed around humans and their vehicles as they are in the Addo Elephant National Park. Of course this allows visitors to observe up close just how dexterously elephants use their trunks – and feet! – to uproot even tiny morsels of tasty plants.


23 thoughts on “Summertide Diary: Spending time with hungry elephants

  1. photobyjohnbo

    Kathydoremus comment above told me something that I really didn’t need to know about elephants. I don’t see elephants often here in the U.S., but when I do, it’s in a zoo. If they are active, it is fun to watch them use that trunk.


  2. kathydoremus

    I think elephants are fascinating. I remember watching one use his trunk once and thinking, “Now, that is amazing!” Then, he proceeded to use his trunk to pick up his…well…his poop…and throw it all over himself, and I thought, “Remind me to never kiss an elephant’s trunk!”

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  3. H.J. for avian101

    These giants are capable of removing a tree from the ground as easy as plucking a single grass blade from a grassy patch. Incredible! Nice post, D. 🙂

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