Yellow-throated Plated Lizard

Gerrhosaurus flavigularis

The Yellow-throated Plated Lizard is a medium-sized (45cm total length, of which two-thirds are made up by the tail) and very graceful reptile occurring in all South Africa’s provinces, being absent only from the arid western and central parts of the country, and northwards to Ethiopia and Sudan. They’re a diurnal and burrowing species and live in a wide range of habitats, from high mountain grasslands to coastal forests, and are surprisingly common in many towns and cities. They are very quick and feed on quite a diverse menu of invertebrate prey. About a month after mating females lay clutches of 4-8 eggs in tunnels they dig beneath bushes or rocks, with the babies emerging in the late summer roughly three months later. Sadly some of them are traded as exotic pets as they tame easily.


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