Guinea-fowl Butterfly

Hamanumida daedalus

The Guinea-fowl Butterfly occurs commonly from Kwazulu-Natal through Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Limpopo to the North West Province. They are also found through tropical Africa to Arabia, inhabiting savanna and forest habitats. Females lay single eggs on Combretum and Terminalia trees. Adults are on the wing year round, have a wingspan measuring between 5.5 and 8cm, and is attracted to rotting fruit. They fly slow and low, gliding over paths and bare patches, but are very nervous and will dart away at great speed when disturbed.


21 thoughts on “Guinea-fowl Butterfly

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  2. naturebackin

    These are one of my favourites – I love the two tones of the upper and under wings – very elegant. Have only seen them further afield and not in our garden – even though we have Combretum trees!



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