Amur Falcon

Falco amurensis

The Amur Falcon is a summer (October to May) visitor to South Africa, particularly the eastern half of the country, migrating in their thousands over enormous distances of over 11,000km to get here from their Asian (Siberia, Mongolia, China, Korea) breeding grounds – among the longest distances migrated by any raptors. They live in open country, preferring grasslands, open savannas and agricultural areas, and feed on a wide variety of larger insects and occasionally small birds, mammals and frogs. Adults measure around 30cm in length and weigh about 140g.

Amur Falcons are usually seen in large flocks sitting on telephone wires and fencelines and sleeping in colonies that may number into the tens of thousands in high trees, often exotics standing in towns and cities.

The IUCN considers the Amur Falcon to be of least concern, though they are hunted extensively while migrating.


30 thoughts on “Amur Falcon

  1. naturebackin

    You and Joubert have lovely images of this handsome little raptor. Those long migrations never cease to astound me. So tragic they are hunted (and so needlessly too) while undertaking their arduous migrations.

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  2. Joanne Sisco

    Why would anyone want to hunt this bird? At first glance of the opening photo, I thought it looked rather owlish. I can’t imagine seeing large flocks of them together. He looks like a handsome little guy.

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