Common Orange Tip

Colotis evenina

The Common Orange Tip is a common and widespread savanna butterfly, occurring in all South Africa’s provinces with the exception of the Western Cape and as far north as Ethiopia and Somalia. They are striking butterflies that fly low and fast, staying within close proximity to flowers. Eggs are laid singly on Boscia-plants (including the Shepherd’s Tree) and Caperbushes (Capparis-spp). Adults have a wingspan of 3.5 – 5cm and are on the wing throughout the year (though most numerous in late summer and autumn).


26 thoughts on “Common Orange Tip

      1. aj vosse

        Nee, tog nie… ten minste drie skoenlapper spesies wat oorwinter – Red Admiral, Peacock en Small Tortoiseshell… en, ek vermoet die Painted Lady en Comma ook!


  1. T Ibara Photo

    Hello Dries,
    What a treat to view these these beautiful butterflies. The orange tip on the male is quite charming! And I love the subtle beauty of the female too. Hope you and your family are continuing to stay safe and healthy.

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  2. loisajay

    Such a pretty little one. Has Joubert stopped his photography career? You are doing fine, Dries, but I’ve not seen anything by Joubert lately. Tell him I am getting antsy! 😀

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks, Lois; I will tell Joubert about your aching for some photos! We’re still “locked down” in South Africa but thankfully his school sends a weekly schedule of work to be completed to keep the pupils from falling too far behind when school eventually reopens.

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      1. loisajay

        That is what they are doing here, also. But they report that a large percent of students are not logging into classes. Interesting, in a not good way, to see what happens at the end of the school year. Will these students be capable of moving onto the next grade? Take care, all of you, Dries.


      2. de Wets Wild Post author

        Thankfully our school is doing it fairly low-tech, using text messaging to get the instructions out and the kids then working from their text books. With technology and connectivity financially out-of-reach for many, and even more so now that people loose their jobs and incomes due to the lockdown, there really isn’t any other way. Hopefully the parents, most of whom are also forced to be at home, will ensure their kids do their part. From what I can see and hear in these parts at least there is a concerted effort.

        Best wishes to you as well, Lois!

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