Satara Summer – Day 13 (2019/12/17)

A long but beautiful day out exploring the Kruger National Park today; we were the third car out the gate at 04:30 this morning as we headed for Nwanetsi Picnic Site for breakfast. From there southwards to Orpen Dam and Tshokwane (where we had lunch), then south to Leeupan, northwest to Nhlanguleni Picnic Site and finally along the S36, S126 and H1-3 back to Satara for and early dinner in order to take part in the guided night drive from 20:00 to 22:00. This gallery shows just a smidgen of everything we experienced on the day; highlights including a sizable herd of Sable antelope, two Kudu bulls in a serious tussle, one of the biggest elephant herds we’ve ever come across in Kruger and a pride of 5 lionesses with around a dozen cubs.


21 thoughts on “Satara Summer – Day 13 (2019/12/17)

  1. amoralegria

    I love the genet – I have never seen them in their natural habitat, but met several at a lodge we stayed at in Tanzania. They sat on a high beam at the entrance to the dining room and looked down at us with great curiosity. The lodge owners feed them, so they hang around and are considered “residents.” The Ndutu Safari Lodge has a genet on their logo!

    Great photos of kudus fighting – what a great opportunity. The saddle-billed stork is amazing too. Africa has such a wonderful variety of animals!

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Genets are very opportunistic and can even be found around houses here in Pretoria, although they’re always very secretive. Seeing one up close and relaxed is a real privilege!


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      We were certain they were going to hurt themselves and each other very seriously, Janet – two such big, strong animals throwing each other around like rag dolls! More photos from the fight soon.

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      The fight just got more and more fierce as it went on, Anne. The cringes from the three spectators in our car would’ve been worthy of a heavy weight boxing title fight. Several times we were sure one of them are going to have its neck broken. Eventually one gave up and ran away with what little pride it had left…

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