Extreme Water Park?

Anyone willing to share the Wild Waters of the Sabie River with this Nile Crocodile?

Come on – just look how much fun she’s having!?

35 thoughts on “Extreme Water Park?

      1. naturebackin

        It would be interesting to see one going up stream. They can curve their tails and use them as a kind of spring to launch them out of the water to catch prey. I wonder if they can use similar techniques to leap up rapids!

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  1. Playamart - Zeebra Designs

    I’ve been loading pages when on line and then reading at home.. This series of images gave me a great smile.. loved them all, and i am reminded to keep watch for ‘gators/crocs’ depending on if i’m in the southern usa or in south america!
    i’ve been wanting to create a paper mache creature – perhaps a croc would be fun!

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