Southern Double-collared Sunbird

Cinnyris chalybeus

The Southern Double-collared Sunbird occurs only in South Africa (all provinces excluding Gauteng, the Free State and North West) and marginally into Swaziland and southern Namibia. They inhabit coastal and arid scrublands, fynbos, woodland, plantations and temperate forests and are usually seen singly, in pairs or family groups. They feed on nectar, fruit and small invertebrates. Adults are about 12cm long and weigh approximately 8g.

The peak breeding season for the Southern Double-collared Sunbird stretches from mid-winter to spring, though there are records from the rest of the year as well. Their nests are oval-shaped balls of grass, other soft plant materials and spiderweb built by the female without any assistance from the male. Clutches contain 1-3 eggs and are also incubated solely by the female over a 2-week period, but both parents feed the chicks which leave the nest by the time they are 3 weeks old. The youngsters become independent about a month after leaving the nest.

The IUCN regards the Southern Double-collared Sunbird as being of least concern.


31 thoughts on “Southern Double-collared Sunbird

      1. de Wets Wild Post author

        Ek sal regtig bly wees as ons nog n paar suikerbekkies hier kry – die witpenssuikerbekkies is baie lief vir die “cape honeysuckles” in ons tuin


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Baie dankie, Dina!
      (Ek het nie getel hoeveel fotos van hulle flops was wat ek maar delete het nie…)
      Dit is beslis n jammerte dat die wyfies so vaal is, ook omdat amper al die soorte s’n so vaal is en die uitkenning maar moeilik maak as hulle nie saam met n mannetjie gesien word nie.

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