Red-necked Spurfowl

Pternistis afer

A denizen of dense habitats, such as mountain forests and riverine thickets, as well as adjacent clearings in which they will forage for seeds, fruits, berries and insects, the Red-necked Spurfowl (or Francolin) is one of our most attractive game birds. Adults measure up to 40cm in length and weigh between 400 and 800g.

Red-necked Francolins are usually encountered in pairs or family groups, and often associates with the closely related Swainson’s Spurfowl with which it has been known to interbreed. Their breeding season stretches from summer to mid-winter, with nests being bare scrapes on the ground in which clutches of 3-9 eggs are laid.

The Red-necked Spurfowl is considered to be of least concern by the IUCN, though they are prone to habitat modification and destruction. They occur widely throughout central Africa, extending southwards along the Indian Ocean coast and adjacent interior to South Africa, where they have been recorded on the Mpumalanga escarpment, in the Drakensberg range and from southern Kwazulu-Natal to the Garden Route.

21 thoughts on “Red-necked Spurfowl


    Ek is nie goed bekend met fisante nie. Wat het van die Hoëveld se patrysies geword? Hulle en die korhane sal my altyd aan die plasslewe buite Pretoria herinner. Terwyl ek smiddae ons melkbokke laat wei het het hul altyd maar iewers uitgekom omdat ons by hul verby moes loop.

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  2. Anne

    A small flock of these birds have moved into the grassy area below our house – how long they will remain is anyone’s guess, but it is wonderful hearing their cheerful calls.

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  3. travel460

    Om die een of ander rede fassineer fisante my altyd. Ons gaan oor 2 weke weer Kruger wildtuin toe, en alhoewel fisante volop in ons geweste is, bly dit vir my lekker om hulle in die wildtuin te sien.

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