World Rhino Day 2018

The rhino poaching scourge continues to make headlines in South Africa, and the happiness at hearing about the ranger’s regular successes in the fight is often tempered by horrible news of another mass-killing incident, insider involvement or botched prosecution. With a 26% reduction in the number of rhinos killed in the first 8 months of 2018 compared to the previous year there’s reason to be optimistic that this year, like 2015, 2016 & 2017, will see a reduction in the number of animals lost and an increase in the number of perpetrators that were apprehended.

This year, on World Rhino Day, let us appreciate and celebrate these prehistoric-looking behemoths, with thanks to the army of dedicated rangers, soldiers and volunteers fighting the war to keep them safe.


29 thoughts on “World Rhino Day 2018

  1. Beth

    The rhinoserous is a powerful animal–one that would take a powerful enemy to bring it down.
    People grind up the horns and consume them, believing the dust has therapeutic properties. Supposedly today those horns are worth more than their equivalent weight in gold.

    My childhood introduction to a 2,000 lb. animal was through a distant cousin on my daddy’s side of the family. She and her husband were missionaries in South Africa and he went to assist a farmer whose crops were being destroyed by the giant rhino. Several other farmer neighbors went to help too, but my cousins husband never came home. He supposedly fell on his spear and died there in the field. Knowing the length of the spear would make one wonder how any man. could fall on it.

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  2. perdebytjie

    Sulke pragtige foto’s, veral daardie ou kleintjie wat so vrolik hardloop! Dit maak my hart sommer seer om te dink hoe mense in vandag se tyd steeds bogtery kan glo en dat so ‘n pragdier die slagoffer van hul stommiteit is.

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  3. John

    Incredibly nice photos on the beautiful rhinos!😊 Like most animals in South Africa so they thrive very well and you protect the animals excellent. I read this morning that the poaching of rhinos in South Africa has fallen for the fourth year in a row!😊

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      The reduction in the number of animals killed is certainly good news, John, and it is thanks to an army of dedicated people putting their lives on the line to achieve it. But sadly the numbers lost are still in the hundreds, which is horrible!

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