Waterbuck Duel at Dusk

While visiting the Mopani area of the Kruger National Park this past weekend, we (myself and three very good friends) came across these waterbuck bulls involved in a massive fight about a patch of the Nshawu Vlei (marsh) and the eligible cows that inhabit it. As is the case with several antelope species in the Park, their rutting season will be coming to an end soon and these bulls are quite desperate to sire their share of the calves that will be born towards the end of the year.


35 thoughts on “Waterbuck Duel at Dusk

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks Julie! The last shot where the one bull turns away from the other to dive into the bush was the end of the fight – the loser was then chased away quite purposefully and at great speed but unfortunately I wasn’t in a good position to photograph that.



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