The results of the 2017 South African Blog Awards have been announced!

And we are thrilled to have been voted the Winners in both the Best Environmental Blog and Best Travel Blog categories!

Thank you so very much to everyone that voted for us in this competition. Without your support and encouragement this would not have been possible. We hope to continue sharing our love for South Africa’s wild places (and the creatures that find a safe haven there) with you for a very long time to come!

Our sincere congratulations to all the winners and runners-up in every category, and our thanks as well to the organizers and judges of the 2017 SA Blog Awards.


75 thoughts on “The results of the 2017 South African Blog Awards have been announced!

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  4. John

    Congratulations! Your blog is really worth the award, you have a great blog with wonderful pictures and posts that are very interesting to read.😊 I have learned a lot of the beautiful nature that you have, and of course the animals. Animal planet in blog format.😁

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  5. aj vosse

    Fantastic! Eventually you’re NUMBER ONE!!
    It was a long time coming but so richly deserved!
    Thanks again for the many years’ entertainment, education and interaction!
    Number ONE!!
    I hope you treat yourselves to a happy memory making trip… how about the Kalahari?
    I’m longing for those wild open spaces!!
    God Bless!!

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      1. aj vosse

        Hier’s ‘n iedee…
        As die wenners, mag julle ‘n voorstel maak aan die kommitee?
        Ek het al gevra of hulle nie dalk sal ‘n “expat” kategorie sal oopmaak dat ons swerwers ook kan deelneem nie!
        Hoe klink dit vir julle? πŸ˜‰

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  6. Beth

    And I keep thinking about your wife and son who follow you everywhere. They deserve a huge pat on the back and more. Speaking from a woman’s point of view, I have homeschooled kids while I followed my hubby. It is not an easy job.

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  7. loisajay

    YAY!!! I was thinking out this the other day and scrolling down your sidebar to see if 2017 was up yet. I am so happy for both of these awards for you–very well deserved. Congratulations de Wets!!

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    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Thanks Rosemarie!
      Here in Gauteng Province (cities of Pretoria, Johannesburg and surrounds) we have usage restrictions in place to conserve water, and as we are still in our rainfall season we’re hoping to receive enough to see us through winter.
      In the Western and Eastern Cape the situation is dire. The imminent possibility of Cape Town’s taps running dry is receiving lots of international attention now, but there’s many other towns and even the metropolitan area of Port Elizabeth that find themselves in a similar position. Many of these areas receive most of their rain in winter, which is still 4 months away, and there’s no guarantee that the next rainy season will not fail like the last few years before. Sadly the pleas to use water sparingly is not being heeded by all, placing entire communities at risk. All over the rest of South Africa people are donating bottled water to send down to old age homes, childrens homes and so on to try and help out the most vulnerable sectors of society.

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