iSimangaliso’s Eastern Shores – A Photographic Journey (Part 3)

On the Eastern Shores of Lake St. Lucia, the amazing diversity of life forms comes in all sizes. The star of this collection of photos showcasing some of the smaller creatures that crossed our path on our recent visit must be the tiny frog that somehow got into my mug while we were enjoying coffee and rusks one morning at Mziki viewpoint near Mission Rocks. Exactly when it got into my coffee is unclear – I had put my mug down a few times to take pictures – and I have no idea how much of my coffee I had shared with the little guy. Joubert only noticed it sitting in the cup when I took my last swig as we started packing up to leave. Lucky for it, I drink a lot of milk in my coffee so it wouldn’t have been scalded.

Follow the links for more of our posts about St. Lucia town, Cape Vidal and Mission Rocks.


31 thoughts on “iSimangaliso’s Eastern Shores – A Photographic Journey (Part 3)

    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      By the time I realised what had happened it was too late to cry over spilt milk. Had it touched my lip, or even worse gone into my mouth while drinking… that’s just too horrible to consider!


  1. John

    It’s easy to forget about the little animals that are as important as destroyers in the food chain. Lizards and butterflies are probably only the smaller of the animals that I myself photographed. I’m going to say that I have some insect phobia, and worms I absolutely don´t touch, since I saw the movie, Squirm when I was about 14 years old. 😀 Some insects as ants is no problem, and spiders can I hold, but they are not insect either. But snakes are no problem, it’s my favorite animals.
    Very nice photos, as always, Dries. 🙂

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