Encounters with Cheetahs at Imfolozi

Many of our friends here at de Wets Wild are great fans of cheetahs, so they especially would be thrilled to know that we had three wonderful encounters with these lithe cats during our December visit to Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park.



31 thoughts on “Encounters with Cheetahs at Imfolozi

  1. aj vosse

    When I was little I was in the Cheetah Pack in the Cubs. I had to do a project, get to the library and research the ins and outs of the cheetah! I learned about these graceful animals and have loved then ever since!

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  3. Pat

    I’ve always thought the cheetah to be the most beautiful of the big cats. It seems that I heard of a story a long time ago about why the cheetah cries. The lines on the face look so much like the path of tears.


    1. de Wets Wild Post author

      Those tearmarks are one of the easiest features to distinguish cheetahs from leopards (the two are often confused). I would love to hear the fable of how they came to be!



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